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Tips for Selling in Summer

Tips for Selling in Summer

Summer has traditionally been the best time to sell a home. Not only do many families take advantage of moving when the kids are out of school, but in climates where winter weather is unpredictable or severe, the warmer months make it easier to be away for showings. With more homes on the market, how can you maximize your potential for a great offer among the options? Fortunately, you can take a few steps to ensure your home stands out from the crowd.

Tips for Selling in Summer

Control the Climate – The first thing a buyer will notice when they walk into a home is the temperature. If the weather is warm and humid, it’s critical you keep the home cool. A larger air conditioning bill is a small price to pay for a top dollar offer.

Let in the Sun – It might be tempting to close the blinds to save money on air conditioning, but bright, sunny rooms are always...

Meet Trish Holt

Hi, this is Trish Holt! 

Trish started her real estate career path by working as a mortgage originator . After leaving the mortgage industry, she knew she wanted to do something further that allowed flexibility for her children and lifestyle. 

The Holt family was represented by Clear Choice Enterprises in their last real estate purchase. Deciding that this was a company dynamic that would be a perfect fit for her, she got her notary license and began to facilitate closings as CCE Closing Coordinator. To further her career goals, Trish acquired her real estate license and quickly became a multi-million dollar producer. She services her clients with

care and professionalism. Her background in many areas of the real estate transaction makes her a clear choice.

When Trish is not performing her real estate duties,...

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents seem to grow on trees. Everyone can list off a few agents from their cousin to the “nice lady” they talk to at the local coffee shop. But choosing the right agent is a critical element to having a successful transaction. Experience and expertise vary widely from agent to agent, so how can you choose the right person for your needs?

• Ask for Referrals – Yes, everyone knows an agent, but asking someone with a recent transaction is the best way to find a good agent.

• Do Your Research – Fortunately the Internet makes it very easy to do some research. Check local sites like Yelp or Next Door, move around their website and check their license for complaints.

• Interview Several Options – Make them earn your business. Conduct a real interview with several agents and see who best fits your style.

• Ask the Right Questions – The agents should be able to discuss...

Get to Know Pete Sebock

Pete Sebock is the Broker of Record for Clear Choice Enterprises. Prior to a career in real estate, he was in retail management. Starting in Wal-Mart Stores right out of high school, he quickly worked his way through the management roles. Catching the attention of K-Mart, he was recruited to head up the Photo Lab division bringing the first Photo Labs to Butler K-Mart, surrounding and expanding to service four states. While the job opportunity was great, K-Mart fell on hard times after issues arsing from the Martha Stewart collection and ulitmately starting the closure of the large chain store.

This change in job gave the opportunity to start a career in real estate. Pete had always had an interest in real estate, so was an...

Get to Know Misty & Dan McConnell

Misty started her career in Real Estate in 2006. She wanted the freedom of being a stayat home mom but still get out of the house and socialize with others. Along the way, Misty has added a few more hats to her rack. In her journey, she has become a Reiki Master. Reiki is a ancient healing and relaxation technique to help herself and others. In 2018, Misty became a Notary Public which gives her the ability to assist the Clear Choice office with closings for the clients who need a bit more flexibility in their schedules.
In 2016, Dan seen how much fun Misty was having and decided to join her and the become a dynamic duo. Dan has since stepped up to be the lead on many files while Misty...

Top 7 Winter DIY Projects

Top 7 Winter DIY Projects

Winter months bring cold days and long nights. While you wait for the weather to warm up so you can get out into the garden, there are still plenty of great DIY projects to tackle, even in the winter. Here are 7 terrific ideas for the Do it Yourselfer in you.

1. Paint Your Walls – Paint an accent wall or an entire room with a fresh color.

2. Declutter – Sure this sounds like a fancy name for house cleaning, but decluttering is more than that. Remove excess furnishings to make your rooms seem larger and more inviting.

3. Update Your Kitchen –A new backsplash or cabinet pulls can quickly change the look and feel of your kitchen.

4. Add Insulation – This will provide instant satisfaction as those cold, drafty rooms feel warm and cozy. If you have some real skill, you can include changing out old windows or doors as well.

5. ...

Get to know Carmen & Chrissie Shullo

"Meet Carmen and Chrissie Shullo! 

They joined the CCE family in the fall of 2020 and are both new to real estate. They have been married for ten years, and they have a nine year old son, Carmen, and two cats, Sneaky and Gandalf. When Carmen is not traveling as a consultant to car dealerships, you might find him at the gym training his body in Olympic weightlifting, Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai. Or you might find him at home training his mind in scripture and the importance of freedom. He is an avid gun enthusiast and loves motorsports of all kinds. Chrissie is more likely to be found on a yoga mat than under a barbell, as she enjoys the quiet and peace of the practice. She also has a deep love for reading and writing, and is always willing to explore a new artistic endeavor. She is a passionate fan of hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins....

Get to know Brandon Setnar

Brandon Setnar is a certified professional air traffic controller, a licensed private pilot and a certified nutritionist. He is also a real estate investor and licensed Realtor.

Brandon is a graduate of Butler High School, Class of 2004. He has an associate degree in
applied science/air traffic control from the Community College of Beaver County.

Brandon began his first 6 years of his career as a certified professional air traffic controller at
Orlando International Tower and Orlando Terminal Radar Approach Control (F11 Tracon) in
Florida. He is now a certified professional controller at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), where he has worked for the last 7 years providing critical guidance and safety for aircraft.
As a new father with a growing family in a new home, Brandon realized the importance of “the
house hunt” – finding just the right fit, the right place to start a new chapter in life, and decided
to grow his family’s portfolio in...

Paint Colors that Reduce Stress

5 Paint Colors That Reduce Stress

In this hectic, modern world coming home to a relaxing space has become even more important. Creating a space which allows you and your family to renew their energy in a calm, peaceful environment is easier than you might think. The design colors you choose do more than anything else to create the atmosphere you want, and nothing is easier to change than your paint colors.

Here are 5 paint colors that reduce stress:

1. Blue – Blue is often used in bedrooms and is shown to reduce tension.

2. Violet – Not the vibrant purple, but subtle lavender hues can bring an inner balance and sense of peace.

3. Green – Reflecting the natural environment of the outdoors, green is visually soothing and refreshing.

4. Grey – One of the best new neutrals, a cooling grey shade is easy on the eye and creates the illusion of larger space.

5. Pink – Long hailed by Feng Shui experts as an energy color, pink provides a lovely backdrop...

Get to know Katie Collins

I have always had the mentality of “live to serve”. It has always been a part of my business model.
Serving this community is an honor and not one I take lightly. Working with so many first time
homebuyers, I get the opportunity to educate them through the process of purchasing and beyond. I
pride myself in the relationship I build with clients and the trust that they place in me to assist them in
buying/seller. Attention to detail is key. My family is my world and while our children (Caiden-8 and
Penelope- 5 ½) are young, they love what mommy does. My husband of almost 13 years is so supportive
and loves the family atmosphere that is Clear Choice. He is also my sign boy. He helps me put up and
take down signs at listings. It is truly a family affair. We love to play board games, watch movies, build
puzzles and swim. I have a Bachelor’s degree from IUP in Vocational Education with a specialty in Baking
and Pastry Arts. I love to bake and cook. Decorating...