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How to Make a Pet Friendly Home Buyer-Friendly


Let’s face it: When you bought your dog, you probably weren’t thinking about his impact on your home’s selling price. But according to TIME, owning a dog or cat can significantly reduce the value of your home. In TIME’s example, a condo lost $30,000 on its sale price due to the owners’ cats.
It isn’t that the housing ma

rket is full of animal-hating buyers. It’s just that selling a home is all about first impressions. And a sloppy kiss from a friendly dog — or a nose full of cat dander five minutes into a tour — isn’t every buyer’s idea of a good time. If you have pets and are trying to sell your house, you have to balance your own life with four-legged friends with...

Smart House


Homeownership as a Single



"I just closed on a new house!!” Lunch dates every few months with my group of college friends always seem to start with life-altering news like this. Today it was me making the announcement. Answering everyone's questions regarding the details, I stated it was a great deal and that I had worked with a realtor since our last outing to find the right place. It needs some work but contractors are already scheduled to start. After some congratulatory exchange, the conversation dwindled to how soon I expect to move. Realizing this would cause a discussion, I announced the house is an investment property, specifically a rental home.


Why is it so cold?

The last week of the year, located on the calendar between Santa Claus and the famous ball drop, is a good time to decrease those built up vacation hours. You deserve a break after 51 weeks of going to work in the dark and coming home after the sun goes down. Productivity at the office is relatively low anyway. Besides, this is your first home and you haven't got to fully enjoy it or complete those homeownership maintenance tasks the realtor suggested.



Renter to HomeOwner

Another month, another rent check in the drop box. A couple of years ago signing that lease and moving to a different city was such a milestone. After the months of job searching, it only took a few weeks to find this place and now this area really feels like home. Leaving the apartment complex and driving past the subdivision, where the owners have obviously...

Black Friday

The ads have been leaked online for weeks and the route is established. After eating some turkey and engaging in an acceptable amount of small talk with family, it's off to the stores! The weather forecast looks good so there's no need to carry the extra weight of that umbrella. It's all worth it, really. Who wouldn't want to save $500 on that 80” TV? Why pay more than is needed?


Boomerang Generation

I’m Part of the Boomerang Generation and I Need Out

So, you did what you were told. You studied well and got into a good college, had some fun but didn't let your grades slip too far and graduated. The job market didn't bounce back in your field so opportunity was limited. Your parents...

Our Newest Team Member

We are excited to introduce our newest team member at Clear Choice 

Lisa Rudavetz


Big Dream

Every business starts with a dream. Office Growth
For Pete Sebock that dream began when he first entered the world of retail and personnel management. Over the years he grew to love the challenge of helping others reach their potential and exceed their goals. As a district manager for a large corporation he managed personnel and operations across multiple states. 
After his retail journey ended, Pete turned his sights on the real estate world. A place he had come to know and love. Starting out at the beginning and learning under established agents, Pete gained the experience he needed to drive his own success. With his perseverance and tenacity, Pete became a successful real estate agent in his own right after 10+ years.
In every career there comes a turning point. A moment when...