Black Friday

The ads have been leaked online for weeks and the route is established. After eating some turkey and engaging in an acceptable amount of small talk with family, it's off to the stores! The weather forecast looks good so there's no need to carry the extra weight of that umbrella. It's all worth it, really. Who wouldn't want to save $500 on that 80” TV? Why pay more than is needed?

While standing in line outside of the closest Best Buy, a thought comes, “What if there were sale prices on houses?”

Believe it or not, houses can go sale-in a way. There's no one particular day for it, though. In the bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, famous author, Robert Kiyosaki, outlines his methods of doing just that. He suggests driving around the neighborhood and recognizing the yard work of homes that don't appear to have any other sign of life. If the grass doesn't appear to have been mowed all summer, that property might be in foreclosure, which can mean big savings. Of course, a foreclosed house like this is doubtfully in move-in condition and quite possibly needs some work but standing in line for four hours in heels wasn't easy either. For the best of both worlds, a lesser price and a nice residence, keep a close relationship with a realtor. They know of properties that are soon to be on the market with motivated sellers. A phone call is way less effort than fitting that 80” TV in a CRV.

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