Get to know Holly Pflugh

Getting to know Me....Well I would think anyone who knows me knows this is a challenge to answer as I mostly try to think of others and be humble in my services, I do believe that is why my Business has been Successful, I put YOU First!

I do LOVE my Family above all else though.....Raising teenage Girls has been a blessing and that's not just writing fluff, I truly LOVE being a Mom and even though My Girls are VERY hard on my self esteem, they are my Reasons for everything I do!  The motto in our house is always something Womens Rights and how we can change the world, Dont feel too bad for my Husband he signed up for this 22 years ago :)  He is a huge influencer in our lives as well, the 3 of us would be nowhere without him, truly!  We run our/my Real Estate Business together as a team and family, those of you who have worked with me in the past know you do not only get me you get all 4 of us and we Love that everyone turns into our Family by the end as well!! 

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