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Out-of-State Moving Tips and Insights for Future Pennsylvanians

Out-of-state moves are a massive undertaking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t nail it. Here are some out-of-state moving tips and insights if you’re planning on moving to Pennsylvania.

Fast Facts

The average home value in Pennsylvania is about $260,000, making the state less expensive than many others. Rents are also pretty reasonable, coming in between $699 and $1,595 on average, depending on the property size and location.

The average electricity bill in Pennsylvania is $114.90 per month. Water costs typically run a bit less.

While the overall cost of living in Pennsylvania is below the national average, grocery prices are a bit higher. A family of four typically spends about $9,903 annually on food.

In Pennsylvania, single adults spend around $2,451 per year on medical costs. For a family of four, something closer to $7,551 is...