Rotary 1 Year Recap

Clear Choice Enterprises decided to join the Butler AM Rotary at the end of 2022. We were approved and installed to the club in February 2023. As we reflect on the year in review, we have been busy particpating in the community in additonal ways through the efforts of the club. Brokers Pete & Julie Sebock and Realtor Megan Rummel participated at the Carved in ice event in Butler, many Rotary events and fundraisers. Megan and Julie also got a bit dirty and handy with the planting at the Hansen Ave - New Castle Rd planting garden and the collaboration event with the Shade Tree Foundation on Rt 8. 

Supporting neighboring rotary clubs and Ghost & Giggles annual Butler AM Rotary event at the Vagabonds.

Strenghtening relationships through volunteering, giving back to a community we love, and enjoying all the moments. 

An early, cold and rainy morning to help BDT with the snowflakes down main street and tree lighting in Diamond Park. Pete & Julie worked together in collaboration with the Rotarians and BDT

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