Smart House


Put the shovel down. Stop digging the hole in the front yard for another wrapped St. Joseph statue to help sell the house. But, what else can be done to sell the house quicker? That answer maybe more aligned with the Apple or Play store than the Home Depot.


Smart Tech.

This little term means a myriad of things segmented into areas of security, cost savings, entertainment or overall convenience. According to a study held a few months ago, the Washington Post, reported that 54% of buyers would choose a home with at least one smart technology upgrade over one that included traditional hardware. Of those surveyed, more than  half stated that just one upgrade, such as an app controlled thermostat, would make it more “move-in ready”, therefore more desirable, than another house in the same neighborhood. Of course, while an app controlled thermostat is a start, this one addition won't get the coveted title of smart house until at least two more “smart” items are added.

Make your home stand out

Millennials are now the largest generation of first time home buyers, as reported by National Association of Realtors, and are by far the most attracted to these advancements. Albeit shocking, more of them are looking at suburbs instead of city homes, so upgrading to some tech can be advantageous depending on the location.


No, it's not just a fad

Using apps to control utilities and oversee the security of the home is becoming as normal as texting the boss about a emergency PTO day. It is expanding rapidly too.  A few short days ago, Lousiville, KY gained the title of the first smart city. It received this label by using IFTT (if this then that technology) to send air quality data, which is a high concern, to subscribers through color changes to residents’ LIFX or Phillips Hue light bulbs. While citizens can still select to receive air quality changes on their mobile phones, it opens the door for a paradigm shift to occur.


Some advice

No one is going to advise a Nest install over fixing a hole in the wall but it is a strategy. Keep in mind, that some upgrades require a professional to install. There have been pricey bills paid to HVAC technicians when the thermostat install went wrong. Also, security and privacy should be a concern when leaving a home with these features, so download Online Trust Alliance's Smart Home Checklist. So, go ahead and order Amazon's Saint Joseph Home Seller Statue kit but maybe add an Alexa as well.

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