Welcoming Family & Friends


With the holidays fast approaching we are reminded that many people share their home with family and friends during this season. If you are in the midst of trying to sell your home or have just moved into your new home, it may feel extra stressful to be entertaining  and hosting. Taking a few moments to address some key areas in your home will make your guests’ stay a little more comfortable regardless of whether they have their own room, bed or are camping out on the sofa.

  • Find out if they have any dietary restrictions or a favorite holiday dish and have that on hand.

  • Set out clean towels in an easy to find place

  • Have a designated space for their belongings they can utilize

  • A schedule of events for the duration of their stay may also be helpful

  • Most of all though, enjoy being with family and friends.

If you are thinking about looking for a new place to call home contact us today to get started.

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