What to do with your house following downsizing

For example, last month, homes in Pittsburgh earned an average sale price of $203K, which is around a 16 percent increase 

If you hope to purchase your new place with cash, do some calculations

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As LifeHacker explains, there are pros and cons

Waiting gives you the advantage of being able to take your time with the move, which can really be a boon if you have a lot of decluttering

Having the house occupied keeps vandals at bay, it can provide some passive income, and you can take advantage of the tax breaks

However, Investopedia warns many homeowners underestimate the responsibility involved with renting out

If you plan to honor the old homestead by passing it to the next generation, there are several things to consider, and ElderLawAnswers notes there are tax considerations relating to your options.

Many people benefit from consulting an estate planning attorney

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