Why is it so cold?

The last week of the year, located on the calendar between Santa Claus and the famous ball drop, is a good time to decrease those built up vacation hours. You deserve a break after 51 weeks of going to work in the dark and coming home after the sun goes down. Productivity at the office is relatively low anyway. Besides, this is your first home and you haven't got to fully enjoy it or complete those homeownership maintenance tasks the realtor suggested.


After a couple of days of waking up when fully rested, today started with a loud noise from what appeared to be the register by the bed. After pulling back the covers, you discover the house is freezing! Maybe the programmable thermostat is set low since it's a normal workday? Grabbing the phone to pull up the app for the thermostat, which reads 57, you tap the top arrow a bunch of times. No worries, spending an hour or two in bed watching TV sounds like a good plan. After the end of the Price is Right, when the house should be up to the normal 72 degrees, it's time to start the day. As soon as that first toe hits the hardwood floor, you realize there is no way the heat is working like the app is showing.


Wrapping a robe around your shoulders to shuffle to the thermostat, the roar coming from the register seems to be getting louder, probably because there are so many downstairs. The thermostat and the app are matching and the desired heat setting is programmed right. It's time to call someone. Thankfully, there's at least a number to call on a sticker beside the thermostat. The guy that answered the phone said he could be there in an hour. That's kind of a win.

When he arrived, and wanted to see the furnace, he asked if the sound was new. Walking down to the basement where the furnace resides, he pointed out a hissing noise. He said he's seen this before and it's a pretty simple fix. He latched onto a handle and pulled out something called a filter to inspect. It looked like the lint trap on the shared dryer no one cleaned at your former apartment complex. He had the right type in his truck and replaced it within minutes. He then suggested it be replaced every 6 months. At least it's New Year's so it will be easy to remember the schedule. Of course, the silver lining is one of those maintenance tasks on the list is complete..

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